IN-5907 HD

Outdoor surveillance in 720p resolution

Product Overview

1.) High quality weatherproof aluminium housing, 2.) High-power infrared LED´s for night vision, 3.) Standard 8mm F/1.2 infrared lense, 4.) Photodiode for twilight switch, 5.) Metall wall mount, 6.) Wifi antenna, 7.) RJ45 Ethernet connector, 8.) Reset button, 9.) Alarm I/O connector for external devices (also see IN-Motion 500 and IN-Motion 300), 10.) DC power supply connector, 11.) Audio output for external speakers, 12.) Audio input for external microphones (e.g. IN-Mikro 380)

WiFi Variant PoE Variant Field of View Pan & Tilt Zoom
black / silverblack / silverapprox. 45°not availabledigital

Remark: All images and description on this page correspond to the WiFi variant.

The IN-5907 HD is weather proof and wireless outdoor camera. Built-in, high-powered infrared diodes allow you to see deep into the dark. The integrated IR cut filter on the other hand allows for the capturing of native colours, as seen by the human eye. Through the use of an efficient h.264 compression codec it is able of recording video files on a MicroSD memory card with comparably small size but best picture results.

For surveillance purposes, the IN-5907 HD is ready for implementation to your existing system. With the help of the handy Onvif Protocol, integration is just a few button presses away. But also as a stand-alone device it offers you a number of alarming features like Email Notification or compatibility with signalling devices.

Nightvision (Minimum / Maximum) [m]

Angle of View (Dia., Hor., Vert.) [°]

Viele eingebaute Funktionen erlauben es Ihnen die Kamera nicht nur zu Überwachungszwecken zu nutzen, sondern auch für Ihre persönlichen Projekte. Die FTP Unterstützung erlaubt es Ihnen die IN-7011 HD als eine multifunktionale Außenkamera mit Integration in Ihre Webseite zu nutzen.

The 1/3 inch WDR sensor is built on a 4.3 micron OmniPixel3-HS™ Pixel enabling 720p HD at unparalleled low-light sensitivity and a dynamic range in colour of 115 dB – compared to the 60 db of a regular VGA IP Camera. WDR allows you to capture high detailed colour videos even in high-contrast environmental lighting conditions.


  • Nightvision with 3 high power Infrared LED´s @ 850nm (barely visible for the human eye) for distances up to 18 - 25m
  • High quality IP65 weatherproof aluminium housing
  • Alarm I/O for external sensors (e.g. motion or smoke detectors) and receivers (e.g. house automations)
  • 1/3" Wide-Dynamic-Range CMOS sensor with 720p HD resolution


  • RJ-45 Ethernet port for an easy integration into your 100Mbit home network
  • Compatible with Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n up to 54Mbit networks with WEP, WPA and WPA2 security
  • DHCP and UPnP support for an automatic network integration
  • Integrated individual DDNS ("Internet") address to access your camera through the Internet


  • Free Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8 App
  • Web user interface allows an easy configuration and camera control through your default web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Multi user management and simultaneous login for 3 users
  • Software-based motion and audio detection and email notification with attached snapshots
  • Record videos directly on your PC (only ActiveX)

IN-5905 HD vs IN-5907 HD

Installed LenseStandard (approx. 45 degrees)Wideangle (approx. 90 degrees)
Lense UpgradeYes, WideangleNo
Night Vision18-25m15-20m
Body Length24,8cm without mount26.3cm with mount

Comparison between IN-5905 HD and IN-5907 HD

  • Slide 1: The camera model IN-5905 HD offers a wide angle lense and should be used at close distance to the area under surveillance - the model is ideal to be installed in entrance areas.
  • Slide 2: The wide angle lense enables you to keep an eye over a wide area. But by doubling the field of view on the 720p sensor (compared to the standard lense that is installed in the IN-5907 HD), you lose half of the details inside your image. It is recommend to use the IN-5907 HD for installation at larger distance.
  • Slide 3: Installing a big camera close to the area under surveillance, can be distracting. The model IN-5905 HD is constructed to be unobtrusive.

IN-5907 HD vs. IN-9008 HD

IN-5907 HD vs. IN-2905

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