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CGI Commands

Control your INSTAR IP camera from your default web browser

CGI: Common Gateway Interface

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a standard method used to generate dynamic content on web pages. CGI provides an interface between the web server and programs that generate the web content. These programs are known as CGI scripts or simply CGIs. The CGI commands listed in the following allow you to directly communicate with your INSTAR IP camera through your web browser. Simply add your camera's IP address to the command submit it through your browser's address field. Like the camera's own web user interface, they can also be used embedded in HTML pages.

1080p Series The INSTAR fullHD Series builds on the HiChip (HC) chipset that is modelled after the HiSilicon (HS) solution. The following commands can be applied to all camera models with a 1080p resolution.
720p Series The current INSTAR HD Series builds on the Grainmedia (GM) chipset that is modelled after the HighSilicon (HS) solution. The following commands can be applied the both GM (like the IN-5907HD, IN-6012HD and IN-7011HD) and HS (IN-6011HD) camera models.
VGA Series The current INSTAR VGA Series builds on the Winbond (WB) chipset. The WB solution is very common among VGA IP cameras and following commands can, therefore be applied to a wide variety of cameras. The compatible INSTAR cameras are the 29xx series, the 30xx series and the 40xx series.