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Network Menu // Push Service

The UPnP standard is supposed to make your life easy. Every port that is needed publicly by a device on your network will automatically be forwarded. This would make the DDNS Access to your camera very easy...unfortunately it often does not work and might be considered a security hazard by your network administrator. Please deactivate UPnP if you are working with a manually forwarded port for your camera.

Automated Port Forwarding

INSTAR 720p Web User Interface - UPnP Service

UPnP Status Activate or deactivate the Universal Plug & Play service for your camera. You can confirm the actual status in the System/Info Menu.

If you are using Universal Plug & Play for your network devices. Please activate the UPnP service in your camera to automatically set the Port Forwarding for your camera.

Better go Manual

In case you are using a manual port forwarding rule in your router to access your camera from the internet, make sure the cameras UPnP service is deactivated! We recommend setting up a manual port forwarding.