WebUI and Firmware Upgrade

1080p and 1440p Camera Series

WebUI and Firmware Upgrade FHD Series

Install the newest Firmware and Web User Interface on your IP Camera

WebUI and Firmware Upgrade FHD Series

When a new update becomes available go to System / Update and you will be prompted if you want to install it - just confirm and wait for your camera to reboot.

Alternatively, you can download the newest version of the WebUI or Firmware from our website manually. Go to the Download section on our website. For older Version, please check out our Legacy Software (only for advanced users). Please select your camera model and scroll to the end of the page for the corresponding download links. Please read the instructions carefully to make an informed decision on which Software you have to download. Both updates - web user interface and firmware - can either be done through the INSTAR camera tool or the camera´s webUI and the update procedure is the same for Windows, macOS and LINUX respectively.

Go to System / Update and choose the updated file - you have to unzip the *.pkg file downloaded from our Download Area - and click Update to start the process.

Firmware and WebUI Update 1080p Series
Clear your Browser Cache after an Update

Sometimes your camera´s WebUI might not behave the way you want. You updated your camera´s software, but it still shows you the old version ? An update should bring new functions to the user interface - but they are nowhere to be seen? Or you simply cannot change a setting? Your Browser might have cached old parts of the user interface and refuses to reload the new or updated files. Here is how you can get rid of your browsers browsing history in several common browsers.


For the auto-update service to work you need to allow your camera to contact the INSTAR Update servers:

I cannot update my camera via it's web user interface because our firewall restricts the internet access. What URLs and ports does the camera need to be open to perform online updates?


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