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IN-LAN Powerline

Network over your Power Grid

INSTAR IN-LAN 500 & 500p

INSTAR IN-LAN 500 Powerline Adapter

IN-LAN is an intelligent and secure technology that lets you set up a home network easily via your household power grid - without the need of complex and expensive dedicated cabling. IN-LAN communication now attains speeds you would expect from other LAN technologies. IN-LAN uses the household power grid to transfer data between computers equipped with suitable adapters and other network components. As a result, any power outlet can be used as a network access point. State-of-the-art technology ensures that the power and data networks do not interfere with one another.

IN-LAN 500 Powerline Adapter

Powerline vs Power-over-Ethernet

Powerline allows you to connect your camera to your local network over the power grid. The camera still needs to be powered by the included power supply. Power-over-Ethernet combines both the network as well as the power supply in a regular Ethernet cable. You only need a PoE Injector or PoE SWITCH to add the voltage to the Ethernet cable.

What is the difference between IN-LAN 500 & IN-LAN 500p?

The P in IN-LAN 500p stands for pass-through. Unlike the base model the 500p will block your power outlet but pass through the existing one. Both models offer the same advantages otherwise:

  • Use existing power lines to implement a network with IN-LAN.
  • Very simple plug&play technology. Just plug into the wall socket and you're done.
  • Ultra-fast data transfer up to 500Mbps.
  • Expand your network with for e.g. IP cameras without laying network cables.
  • A very detailed instruction will make the installation very easy.
IN-LAN 500 Powerline Adapter

IN-LAN 500

Available in White.

IN-LAN 500 Powerline Adapter

IN-LAN 500p

Available in Black and White.

Installation Warnings

  • Powerline communication will fail. if both adaptors (one at your router / the other for your camera) are not connected to the same phase on your power grid.
  • The Powerline network can suffer quality issues, if the cables, used in your power grid are old.
  • Always directly plug in your IN-LAN adaptors into a wall socket. Don't use extensions cords.