IN-9420 2k+ WQHD

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Wireless VariantPower-over-Ethernet VariantField of ViewPan & TiltOptical Zoom
White / Blacknot availableapprox. 40 - 120°available3x

The IN-9420 2k+ WQHD is the newest 1440p PIR outdoor pan / tilt / zoom IP camera from INSTAR.With a built - in state - of -the - art Panasonic passive infrared(PIR) motion sensor and four separately configurable alarm areas that can be linked together, the camera prevents false alarms and notifies you only when a real alarm has been triggered.

Equipped with one of the latest Panasonic WQHD CMOS image sensors, which features low noise, high speed and new Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) functionality, the IN-9420 is able to achieve the best image quality in daylight as well as clear image in night vision mode with the help of its high - power LEDs. Hence, the IN-9420 is able to deliver accurate motion detection and alarm notification.

The design of this outdoor camera was completely new developed in order to fulfil the wishes of our customers.Therefore, it is now very easy to pull the connection cable through the wall as it is much smaller, you won´ t have to drill huge holes into your wall anymore.Furthermore, thanks to the new concept design, a crystal clear vision, day and night, is ensured, because the camera does not require a dome dome anymore.


  • STARVIS* 2k+ (WQHD) 1440p CMOS-Sensor / resolution 2560 x 1440px
  • Autofocus varied focal lens: 2.8mm ~ 12mm ( 36 ~ 120º diagonal field of view)
  • Dual LEDs - 6 high-power IR LEDs (@ 850nm) and 6 high-power floodlight LEDs
  • Integrated Panasonic Pyroelectric Sensor - PIR Range up to 12m
  • SD Card with max. 128GB (16GB incl.) for alarm, manual and continuous recording
  • Integrated microphone and speaker for two-way audio
  • Built-in alarm input and output for external alarm accessories
  • MicroSD Card Max. 256GB (32GB incl.) for alarm or manual recording (15 sec.)


  • Free point-2-point (P2P) connectivity with InstarVision, works with IPv6
  • Free DDNS address to connect to your camera via the internet
  • Optional upload & management of alarm videos in the INSTAR Cloud
  • Upload alarm images / videos to an FTP server (FTP or secure FTPS)
  • 2.4Ghz WiFi with IEEE 802.11b/g/n and WPA2/WPA3 encryption (only WiFi model)
  • Access the WebUI via HTTPS with secure TLS/SSL encryption


  • Use up to 8 privacy masks to prevent areas from being recorded
  • Define four Motion Detection Areas for software motion detection and link with PIR
  • Supports motion, heat, object and noise detection
  • Alarm videos pre-triggered 3s before the trigger event
  • Alarm emails and push (text) notifications in case of an alarm trigger
  • Send alarm triggers to third party devices such as home automations
  • 15s alarm video / scheduled / manual continuous recording on SD
  • Supports stream protocols like RTSP, RTP, RTMP, MJPEG...
  • Interval snapshots for website integration or time lapse videos
  • Free Android, iPhone and Windows Phone App
  • Web user interface allows an easy configuration and camera control through your default web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Multi user management and simultaneous login for 3 users
  • Software-based motion and audio detection and email notification with attached snapshots
  • Record videos directly to an Internal SD Card
INSTAR Alexa Camera Skill
Alexa Camera Skill

Activate camera control through Alexa using your free INSTAR Cloud account.

INSTAR Kamera Homekit Support
Apple Homekit

Control your INSTAR Full HD camera with the Apple Homekit app from your iPhone or iPad.

The 1/3 inch STARVIS sensor is a SONY CMOS chip, enabling 1080p HD video at unparalleled low-light sensitivity. SONY offers a wide variety of image sensors for security and network cameras, which are based on the industry's most advanced technology and can be applied to security cameras requiring high picture quality with high sensitivity and low noise. The CMOS image sensor features high picture quality equal to high-speed CCD technologies, high S/N ratio, low noise, and high dynamic range. Even in a dark condition, you can retrieve snapshots with excellent character detection, color reproduction, as well as object detection. Even in scenes with fast-moving objects, the image sensor ensures clear images without motion blur or strain. The frame composite function (WDR) enables high-dynamic range - you can simultaneously resolve dark and bright areas in your video frame.

IN-9020FHD vs IN-7011HD
IN-9020FHD vs IN-4011

This camera is running an embedded Linux operating system and a Webserver which supports TLS / SSL encryption for security and privacy.It provides a built - in , modern HTML5 based Web User Interface(WebUI) with focus on usability and simplicity, supporting all recent devices(desktop, tablet, smartphone) and operating systems(Windows, MacOS, Linux, …).Thanks to the built - in camera setup wizard and the(built-in ) help function, INSTAR users can enjoy a very easy initial set - up of the IP camera.