IN-9420 2k+ WQHD Manual

Lense Adjustment

The IN-9420 2k+ WQHD has an autofocus lens integrated with a focal length between 2.8mm to 12mm. Meaning that the lens offers you a diagonal field of view between 36 and 120 degrees. Thanks to an advanced algorithm, the autofocus lens will always adjust itself to the optimal position.

Please note that the autofocus lens requires a few seconds until it reaches its focal point and delivers a sharp image. During the auto-focusing period, please note that the pan/ tilt will be temporarily paused. Once the lens has adjusted its best focal point with a clear photo, you will be able to execute the pan/tilt movement again.

Users should always AVOID tampering with the lense unit and MUST NEVER try to adjust the lens manually. Any manual adjustment on the lenses mechanical parts will result in a permanent loss of focus.