II-a Power Cable

IN-9408 WQHD Schnell Installation

Thread the 3m power cable through the wall mount, screw cap, 1-holed sealing ring and the back plate of your camera.

II-b Sealing Ring

IN-9408 WQHD Schnell Installation

Loosen plastic mount for the sealing ring in the middle of the back plate. Press the sealing ring into its mount and fasten it with the screw cap.

II-c Power & Antenna Cable

IN-9408 WQHD Schnell Installation

Plug in the 3m Power Supply and Antenna Cable (if previously removed).

Connect your camera´s Ethernet cable with the Ethernet Port to connect your camera to a free LAN port on your internet router. (Recommended)
II-d Option I - Ethernet
2-hole Sealing Ring: to connect the Power Cable and LAN Cable
II-e Option II - WPS