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IN-8001 Full HD

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Indoor Surveillance in 1080p

WiFi VariantPoE VariantField of ViewPan & TiltZoom
Whitenot availableapprox. 90°not availabledigital

Nightvision Distance

IN-6001 HDIN-6014 HDIN-5905 HDIN-5907 HDIN-7011 HDIN-8003 FHDIN-8015 FHDIN-9008 FHDIN-9020 FHD
[0] min [m]
[1] max [m]

The compact design of this camera was completely new developed and makes it ideal for discreet surveillance task. The 6-times 940nm night vision LEDs are invisible to the human eye, making the IN-8001 a suitable baby monitor.

Power Consumption[W]

Booting min [W]Booting max [W]Booting with IR active [W]Idle [W]Idle with IR active [W]Idle with IR & WiFi active [W]Pan or Tilt [W]Pan or Tilt with IR active [W]Video Recording active [W]Video Recording with IR active [W]
[0] IN-3011
[1] IN-6012 HD
[1] IN-8003 FHD
[2] IN-8015 FHD


  • Integrated PIR heat detector for advanced motion detection
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 1080p Panasonic CMOS Sensor
  • Built-in microphone incl. noise detection with adjustable max. level
  • Built-in PIR motion detector to avoid false alarms
  • 6 x 940nm IR night vision LEDs invisible to the human eye
  • Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting
  • MicroSD memory cards up to 128GB possible. (16GB already installed ex works)


  • RJ-45 Ethernet port for an easy integration into your 100Mbit home network
  • DHCP and UPnP support for an automatic network integration
  • Integrated personal, free DDNS ("Internet") Address and P2P User ID to access your camera through the Internet


The IN-8001 is the newest Full HD PIR Indoor IP Camera from INSTAR. With a built-in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and four separately configurable alarm areas that can be linked together, the camera prevents false alarms and notifies you only when a real alarm has been triggered.

Field of View

IN-6001 HDIN-6012 HDIN-6014 HDIN-5905 HDIN-5907 HDIN-7011 HDIN-8003 FHDIN-8015 FHDIN-9008 FHD
[0] diagonal [°]
[1] horizontal [°]
[2] vertical [°]

Equipped with one of the latest Panasonic Full HD CMOS image sensor, which features low noise, high speed and new Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) functionality, the IN-8001 is able to achieve the best image quality in daylight as well as clear image in night vision mode with the help of its high-power LEDs. Hence, the IN-8001 is able to deliver accurate motion detection and alarm notification.

This camera is running an embedded Linux operating system and a Webserver which supports TLS/SSL encryption for security and privacy. It provides a built-in, modern HTML5 based Web User Interface (WebUI) with focus on usability and simplicity, supporting all recent devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux,…). Thanks to the built-in Camera Setup Wizard and the (built-in) help function, INSTAR users can enjoy a very easy initial set-up of the IP camera.