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Network Menu // UPnP

The UPnP standard is supposed to make your life easy. Every port that is needed publicly by a device on your network will automatically be forwarded. This would make the DDNS ACCESS to your camera very easy...unfortunately it often does not work and might be considered a security hazard by your network administrator.

Automated Port Forwarding

Universal Plug and Play Service

UPnP Status Activate or deactivate the Universal Plug & Play service for your camera.

Be Aware

Your camera will be accessible for everyone after you forwarded it inside your router. To prevent unwanted access, please make sure to change the user logins before you start forwarding the camera! The user logins can be adjusted in the User Menu.

If you are using Universal Plug & Play for your network devices, please activate the UPnP service to automatically set the Port Forwarding for your camera.

Better go Manual

In case you are using a manual port forwarding rule in your router to access your camera from the internet, make sure the cameras UPnP service is deactivated! We recommend setting up a manual port forwarding.