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InstarVision offers you a highly customizable multi-level user management

InstarVision 2.0 Surveillance Center User Interface - Users

When starting the software for the first time, the default user is added - but the login is not active. You do not need to log-in to access the user interface. Please go to the System Menu if you want to activate the password protection. Customize the default Administrator account, if you are sharing your computer or you want to make sure that nobody can access the software webserver. Once an Administrator is created, you can start to create additional users with restricted rights. Simply type in a username and password and click on ADD to create a user. Set checks marks for everything you want the user to be able to access. Don´t forget to click on SAVE before closing the menu.

Activate the Password Protection

The Password Protection is deactivated by default - please go to System Menu to activate the login. You will have to restart the software after customizing/activating the Administrator account and log in with your new credentials. Please make sure to write down your administrator log-in in a secure place. You will no longer be able to access the software if the login is lost. When you login with an account with limited user rights, a login prompt will appear every time you try to access an area that is locked. Just type in your Administrator login to elevate your user rights.

Remote Access

Adding or removing check marks below the user list, will add or remove access to those cameras or menus from the user interface for the selected user. The Remote Checkbox defines whether a user is allowed to access the software´s Webserver and receive the live RTSP streams (see RTSP Server Port) from your cameras. In case no user is added to the software, you will still be able to access the webserver - but please be aware, that certain plugins (Quicktime) require a login to be able to stream videos.