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Tasker Android App

Use CGI commands to automate functions of your camera

Tasker :: Android Macro Tool

To automate your IP camera with your Android phone you need a macro tool, like the app Tasker. The current (paid) version can be found on the Google Play Store. Just enter the search term Tasker in the store to be directed to the app.

Case 1: Activate the motion detection when you are in the house

Do you use your camera as a peephole and always want to be alerted immediately when someone approaches the door? But you do not want to be disturbed by the camera when you're on the move? You can automate this task with the Android App Tasker! In two examples (below), we'll create tasks that enable motion detection on your INSTAR HD camera via a profile when your smartphone is on your home network, and disable it when you leave your network. In the opposite case - you only want to focus the motion alarm when you are away from home - you simply need to use the two CGI commands in reverse order.

Using the same principle, you can automate almost all camera functions - both for our HD cameras and VGA models. The required CGI commands can be found in our CGI documentation:

CGI instruction sets for camera series:

Case 2: Switch on the IR LEDs of your camera at the push of a button

Tasker allows you to create tasks as shortcuts on your home screen or to create entire user interfaces (Scenes). In the following we would like to find a quick way to activate and deactivate the IR LEDs of our INSTAR HD camera. In the first example we put shortcuts with the corresponding tasks on the homescreen of our Android smartphone. In the second case, we want to create an overlay (Scene) that provides these two functions as buttons. Of course, the resulting scene can then be extended with additional buttons and support for swipe gestures (for example for PTZ control or setting of sliders) and thus becomes a command center for your camera surveillance.

Case 3: Day & night switching of motion detection and camera position

During the day and at night it often makes sense to define different sensitivities for motion detection. Also you might want to monitor another area at night. We will program the necessary tasks for this and trigger you automatically via a profile at sunrise or sunset.

Tasker Projekte

Tasker: Activate Alarm

Enable motion detection on your camera when your smart phone connects to your Wi-Fi network.

Tasker: Activate Alarm

Disable motion detection on your camera when your smart phone is dialling into the cellular network.

Tasker: Activate Alarm

Create a Tasker Shortcut to turn the IR LEDs of your camera on and off.

Tasker: Activate Alarm

Create an expandable Tasker Scene for switching night vision.

Tasker: Activate Alarm

Turn your camera to another position and adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection.