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CGI Commands for INSTAR VGA Cameras

Complete CGI Instruction Set for the VGA Series

For all developers that want to integrate our cameras in their software or for everyone that wants to experiment a little, we now offer a full list of all CGI commands that can be used with our IP cameras. Please understand that this list is only for advanced users who know what they are doing. We cannot give any technical support regarding our CGI commands.

Click here to download the complete CGI command list:

List of the most needed CGI commands

  1. Video
  2. Snapshot
  3. Video & Audio
  4. Configuration
  5. Pan & Tilt
  6. Automatic Patrol
  7. Alarm



CGI Command Parameter
/videostream.cgi? resolution:(8:320*240,32:640*480)
rate: 0-23
1:20 fps
3:15 fps
6:10 fps
11:5 fps
12:4 fps
13:3 fps
14:2 fps
15:1 fps
17:1 fp/2s
19:1 fp/3s
21:1 fp/4s
23:1 fp/5s

For example: If your IP is and Port is 81 and you want a resolution of 640*480 and the fastest speed of fps then you have to type in the following:



After next_url the user can type in the name of the picture. If you dont include next_url then the picture will automaticly get the name (DeviceAlias + current time.jpg)

Video & Audio

Settings are the same as videostream.cgi above.



CGI Command Parameter
/camera_control.cgi? RESOLUTION: 2 : qqvga, 8 : qvga, 32 : vga
MODE: 0 : 50hz, 1 : 60hz, 2 : outdoor
ROTATION: 0 : Default, 1 : Flip Vertical, 2 : Level Image, 3 : Flip + horizontal Mirror Image

Pan & Tilt


CGI Command Parameter
/decoder_control.cgi? tilt up="/decoder_control.cgi?command=0&onestep=1&user=&pwd="
tilt down="/decoder_control.cgi?command=2&onestep=1&user=&pwd="
pan left="/decoder_control.cgi?command=4&onestep=1&user=&pwd="
pan right="/decoder_control.cgi?command=6&onestep=1&user=&pwd="
home pos="/decoder_control.cgi?command=25"

For a direct position change use:


CGI Command Parameter
/decoder_control.cgi? Pos01 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=31&user=&pwd=
Pos02 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=33&user=&pwd=
Pos03 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=35&user=&pwd=
Pos04 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=37&user=&pwd=
Pos05 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=39&user=&pwd=
Pos06 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=41&user=&pwd=
Pos07 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=43&user=&pwd=
Pos08 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=45&user=&pwd=
Pos09 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=47&user=&pwd=
Pos10 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=49&user=&pwd=
Pos11 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=51&user=&pwd=
Pos12 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=53&user=&pwd=
Pos13 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=55&user=&pwd=
Pos14 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=57&user=&pwd=
Pos15 = /decoder_control.cgi?command=59&user=&pwd=

Automatic Patrol

/set_misc.cgi?[led_mode=&ptz_center_onstart=&ptz_auto_patrol_interval=&ptz_auto_patrol_type=&ptz_patrol _h_rounds=&ptz_patrol_v_rounds=&user=&pwd=&next_url=]

CGI Command Parameter
/set_misc.cgi? ptz_center_onstart:=1,activate center on start
ptz_auto_patrol_interval:automatic patrol,=0:no automatic control
ptz_auto_patrol_type:0:No;1:horizontal;2:vertical;3:horizontal and vertical
ptz_patrol_h_rounds:Horizontal patrol laps,0:Infinite
ptz_patrol_v_rounds:Vertical patrol laps,0:Infinite
ptz_patrol_rate:Head Speed manual,0-100,0:Fastest
ptz_patrol_up_rate:automatic cruise speed (up):0-100,0:slowest
ptz_patrol_down_rate:automatic cruising speed (down):0-100,0:slowest
ptz_patrol_left_rate:cruising speed automatic (left):0-100,0:slowest
ptz_patrol_right_rate:cruising speed automatic (right) :0-100,0:slowest


If you want to activate or deactivate the alarm function please enter the following command:

(Alarm activated)

(Alarm deactivated)