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InstarVision v2 for Windows

InstarVision: Recording Menu

Side Navigation - Alarm Recording

Deactivate the Windows Screensaver when an Alarm is triggered

1 - Download the zip file from here and unzip batch file wakeup.bat from it.

2 - Copy the batch file wakeup.bat into the IV installation directory

3 - In the IV click on alarm recording

InstarVision v2 for Windows

4 - Select channel for the camera

5 - Click on Activate Recording

6 - Click on the ... button under Start Program on Alarm

InstarVision v2 for Windows

7 - Please change the extension filter from (*.exe) to All Files (.) inside the browser Window and select wakeup.bat as the file you want to execute.

InstarVision v2 for Windows

8 - Save the changes with Open and Ok