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Product Overview :: IN-2905 v2

IN-2905 v2

Outdoor surveillance in VGA resolution

1.) High quality weatherproof aluminium housing, 2.) Photodiode for twilight switch, 3.) Standard 6mm F/2.0 infrared lense, 4.) Infrared LED´s for night vision, 5.) UV resistant Polycarbonate wall mount, 6.) WiFi antenna, 7.) RJ45 Ethernet connector, 8.) Reset button, 9.) Alarm In/Out 10.) DC power supply connector, 11.) Audio-In for external Microphones, 12.) Audio Out for external speakers

The IN-2905 v2 is the successor of the popular IN-2905. Dozens of Upgrades makes this camera on par with the more high-end line of INSTAR cameras. It now features an IR cut filter in order to display nice and clear colours during the daytime. Further you will find Audio I/O and IN-Motion 300) for the addition of optional speakers or microphones (e.g. IN-Mikro 380) to use the camera as a 2-way communication system. The IN-2905 V2 is the perfect surveillance camera for businesses and private households. The casing out of high quality aluminium can be installed outside and thanks to its compact size inside the office or house without being seen right away. The sturdy construction of the camera body guarantees maximum durability and is weather proof for outdoor use.

This camera model can easily be connected to your network by using its54MBit (802.11b/g/n) Wifi module or through the 100MBit network interface. This will ensure a fast stream of the cameras video.

Power Consumption [W]

Booting min [W]Booting max [W]Booting with IR active [W]Idle [W]Idle with IR active [W]Idle with IR & WiFi active [W]Video Recording active [W]Video Recording with IR active [W]
[0] IN-2905v2
[1] IN-5905 HD
[3] IN-9008 FHD
[2] IN-5907 HD
[4] IN-9020 FHD

For surveillance purposes, the IN-2905 v2 is ready for implementation to your existing system. Home Automation Systems as well as NAS Systems likeSynology or QNAP are have integrated our cameras into their products. You will find profiles to the corresponding cameras within the systems software. But also as a stand-alone device it offers you a number of alarming features like Email Notification or compatibility with signalling devices.

Technical Specifications


  • Nightvision with 24 Infrared LED´s @ 850nm (barely visible for the human eye) for distances up to 12 - 15m
  • High quality IP65 weatherproof aluminium housing
  • Alarm I/O for external sensors (e.g. motion or smoke detectors) and receivers (e.g. house automations)


  • RJ-45 Ethernet port for an easy integration into your 100Mbit home network
  • Compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n up to 54Mbit networks with WEP, WPA and WPA2 security
  • DHCP and UPnP support for an automatic network integration
  • Integrated personal, free DDNS ("Internet") Address to access your camera through the Internet