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Technical Specifications

Category: Optics & Imaging
Standard Lense4.2 ±5% mm (Manual Focus) f/2.1 [1]
Viewing Angle75.3° dia.
Optical ZoomNo
Digital Zoom3 x (only ActiveX)
CMOS SensorOV10633 720p 1/3" CMOS Wide Dynamic Range [2]
Sensor Sensitivity3650 mV/lux*s
Dynamic Range115 dB
Signal/Noise39 dB
Active Pixel Area5510.4 x 3418.8 µm
Resolution1.0 Megapixel
Supported Resolutions1280 x 720, 640 x 352, 320 x 176
Illumination0.05 Lux @ f/2.0
Video Compressionh.264, MJPEG, JPG
h.264 Bitrate90 kbps - 6.144 kbps
Framerateup to 25fps
# of Parallel Streams3
Video OverlayDate, Time, Camera Name
Video ParameterBrightness, Contrast, Saturation
Day / Night SwitchYes
White balanceAutomatic
Electronic ShutterAutomatic
Flip / Mirror VideoYes / Yes
Category: Night Vision
Category: Connection
Category: Features
Category: Physical Details


Lense Specification
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