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Downloads for INSTAR General Accessories

Software, apps, accessories and instructions to download.

IN-Motion 500
This product integrates microwave and passive infrared motion detection. And is the best choice for outdoor intrusion detection.
IN-Motion 300
IN-Motion is a passive(PIR) motion detector.This sensor is the perfect extension for your ip camera in order to minimize false alarms.
IN-Mikro 380
The IN-MIKRO 380 is a high quality active microphone which can be easily connected to your camera. All you need is camera which has a built-in audio input.
Use the IN-907, IN-906, IN-905 or IN-903 IR Spotlight with your night vision compatible cameras in order to improve the night view. (Also available in 940nm)
Action camera with a 120 degree lense, waterproof housing and high-speed video recording capability. Ideal for sport recordings, like snowboarding, skiing, diving...