Power over Ethernet

PoE Requirements

Power over Ethernet or PoE describes systems which pass electric power along with data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power to devices such as IP cameras.

You either need a PoE Injector, to add power to the Ethernet cable for a single camera, or a centrally installed PoE Switch, that supplies a larger number of cameras.

The injector or switch has to be connected to your router. And your PoE camera is connected to the switch or injector:

PoE Setup

PoE Splitter

Can I connect my WiFi camera over PoE?

Yes! None-PoE cameras, like the models IN-5905 HD or IN-6001 HD can be connected to your network and powered by PoE using a PoE Splitter.

Make sure to use a 5V Splitter or a 5V camera model, like the IN-6001 HD, while models like the IN-5905 HD need a 12V Splitter.

IN-PoE Splitter

Use a PoE Splitter to power your WiFi camera. Available for 5V camera models and 12V camera models.

IN-PoE 1000

Our IN-PoE 1000 Power-over-Ethernet Injector powers a single PoE device and is available in black and white.

IN-PoE 8000

The IN-PoE 8000 Power-over-Ethernet Switch for up to 7 INSTAR PoE Cameras.

IN-PoE 4000

The IN-PoE 4000 Power-over-Ethernet Switch for up to 4 INSTAR PoE Cameras.

PoE Camera Models

INSTAR offers a range of PoE camera models. Please be aware that in this case the WiFi module is replaced by a PoE module. Those cameras don't have WiFi antenna and cannot be connected to your network wirelessly. But every PoE camera is delivered with a regular power supply and can be powered without the need of a PoE switch or injector.

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