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The IN-8015 Full HD is the first INSTAR HD 1080p pan & tilt camera with an integrated infrared motion detector. The camera can easily be controlled through your smartphone from inside your network and also over the internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How to record videos?

INSTAR cameras offer five different ways to record videos:

1st All our HD camera models come with an integrated (expandable) SD Card with 4GB, 8GB or 16GB. To calculate how many alarm videos can be recorded on a given capacity, please follow the link to our SD Card Calculator. Old recordings will be deleted automatically, once the storage capacity is reached (Ring Storage). You can use our Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Windows 8/10 App to Access your Video Recordings.

2nd We offer a Cloud solution to manage your alarm video recordings. The INSTAR Cloud offers a simple to use UI to help you to keep an eye on your surveillance. Beside convenience this allows you to store alarm recordings securely off-site - which will be important if your camera is destroyed or it's SD card stolen. The INSTAR Cloud also reduces false-positive alerts by employing a powerful video analysis algorithm, that sorts out false alarms.

3rd You can use our Windows Software InstarVision 2.0 to administrate up to 64 cameras. Use the software for continuous 24/4 recordings or use the advanced motion detection feature to record videos in case of alarm events. The software works independent from your camera - you can still use all the function your camera offers independently. But be aware that the InstarVision 2 Server has to run continuously to use any of its features.

4th You can also use the camera's FTP Function (File Transfer Protocol) to send alarm videos to internet or a local FTP server, e.g. a USB Stick on your Internet Router.

5th If you don't want to keep a PC running 24/7, but you still need functions that are only offered by our InstarVision 2 Windows software, consider employing a NAS System, e.g. from Synology or QNAP. Both offer a video surveillance software that supports INSTAR IP cameras and allows you to record videos continuously as well as motion detection triggered alarm recording. All our VGA, HD and FullHD cameras are compatible.

Addition: You can also setup your camera to notify you in case of an alert with an Alarm Email. You will be informed about every alarm event and have alarm snapshots stored in your email inbox.

+ How to Access your Camera with our Smartphone App?

You can use our free App InstarVision for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Windows 8/10 to control your INSTAR IP camera. You can use our app to keep an eye on your camera's live stream, record videos on your phone and screen alarm recordings on your camera's internal SD card. Switch camera function - like the motion detection, alarm output and IR nightvision, or start a two-way communication.

+ Zoom Lenses

All our HD and FullHD Surveillance Cameras don't have an optical zoom, but can use a digital Zoom. A digital Zoom just magnifies a part of the video image, degrading the image quality. But keep in mind that the resolution is much higher than the VGA resolution of older camera models with Zoom lense. The image of an HD or Full HD camera will still look better with a 3-times digital zoom, then the image of a VGA camera with a 3-time optical zoom.

+ Battery and SIM Card

Our cameras don't have batteries. This means that they have to be connected to the included power supply or be powered by an Power-over-Ethernet switch or injector. More information for PoE cameras can be found here.

Also, our cameras don't have a SIM Card slot. You will need a 3G or LTE router to use your cameras notification services, if you want to use your camera in a place without cable internet access. Of course, all function that do not require an internet connection (motion detection, alarm video recording, etc.) are available to you without connecting your camera to an internet router - you can either set up the camera Connected Directly to your computer, or, much easier, connect it to an old WiFi router (without internet access).

+ Length of Alarm Videos

Alarm videos are fixed to a length of 15s + 3s pre-recording. If the movement in front of the camera continuous, a new 15s video will be started after the recording finishes. The settings inside the recording menu (1080p Models / 720p Models) only apply to the file length of planned recordings.

+ Timelapse Recordings

You can use your camera to record photo series. Those can be configured via the web user interface (1080p Models / 720p Models). The smallest time interval is 1 minute and the biggest is 24 hours. You will need an external software to create a video from those images - how to do this with a free Windows Software is explained in detail here.

+ Synology Surveillance Station or QNAP NAS

Synology and QNAP offer their own Surveillance Software that is compatible with all of our cameras. You can check out our instruction video on how to setup a Synology NAS to work with our cameras.

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