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Pour accéder à votre caméra IP avec notre App Android InstarVision, nous vous recommandons de télécharger d'abord sa nouvelle version dans le Play Store. Entrez Instar pour trouver notre application dans le magasin.

Vue d'ensemble sur les menus d'applications

DDNS Remote Access
The DDNS Access gives you full access to all your cameras functions. As well as allowing you to access its web user interface through your browser ... more...
P2P Remote Access
The P2P Access does not give you full access to all your cameras functions. But you don´t need to forward a port inside your router and P2P also works ... more...
Camera Multiview
Keep an eye on all your cameras in the Multiview Menu. Click on any camera to access their video live stream and control them via function buttons. more...
Advanced Camera Control
Additional camera controls - set your username and password, adjust the alarm schedule... more...
Video Recording
Videos recorded to your smartphones memory and videos on your cameras internal SD Card can be accessed through the Recording Menu. more...
General App Settings
Adjust your apps global Settings for your app and all your cameras, create Backups and access the in-App Help Section with explanations for all function buttons. more...


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You can use a QR Reader to install our App. Or just click the image to be directed to the Google Play Store.

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