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InstarVision: Recording Schedule

Select your camera - or keep All Channels selected to set all your camera´s at once - and check Activate Recording to start a continuous recording within the selected time window. Clicking on Default will activate a 24/7 recording schedule. You can adjust this schedule by first selecting the day of the week, you want to change, and then select a time window below. You can either select two time windows - e.g. from 12 at night to 7am and from 6pm to 11:59pm to keep an eye on your office over the off-hours. Or hide the second time line to cover a continuous time period. Please make sure, that the first time value always has to be earlier then the second and the entire time window has to be contained by the 24h day - e.g. Time Segment 1 08:00:00AM - 06:00:00AM and Time Segment 2 08:00:00PM - 06:00:00AM would NOT be valid entries.