Alarm Recording

INSTAR Cloud Alarm Recording

False-Alarm Detection

The new feature adds an additional server-side alarm-event validation which is able to detect possible false alarms and marks them accordingly in the Tab Alarms. The platform provides two different algorithms: A general False-Alarm-Detection and a False-Alarm-Detection including Rain-Detection. This feature can be set for each camera individually, with the following options:

  • Enabled
  • Enabled incl. Rain-Detection
  • Disabled
INSTAR Cloud False-Alarm Detection

You can set this value accordingly while adding a new camera. For already existing cameras, go to the Tab Cameras and simply edit the camera of choice. In the sub-menu you are able to adjust the settings for the False-Alarm-Detection. For best results set the False-Alarm-Detection to enabled for cameras which monitor indoor areas and set it to enabled incl. Rain-Detection for cameras monitoring outdoor areas. For cameras with a build-in PIR sensor or an external motion detector you can disable the False-Alarm-Detection, if you know by experience that those do not occur.

The Tab Alarms by default now only shows you the validated alarm-events. With the new Drop-Down-Menu on the right hand side you can choose to only show alarm events, only show false alarm events or both alarm types together.

In the Tab Administration > Alarms you now have the possibility to adjust the settings for Alarm-Events and False-Alarm-Events separately. You can disable then email notification for false alarms (default) or enable it. You can immediately delete false alarms or delete them e.g. earlier than validated alarm events. This way you can safe precious storage space for real alarm events. The Preview Video Speed (default 3x) as well as the Fullview Video Speed (default 2x) can be also adjusted separately.

Data Storage Optimization

With this Update you will use less space for each stored Alarm-Event. This enables you to store approximately twice as much alarm events as before without any additional costs. The additional new feature for False-Alarm-Detection (false alarms can be deleted immediately or earlier) helps you to safe storage space for validated real alarm events and therefor you are able to store them for a longer time period, without running out of storage space.

Object detection

In addition to general motion detection, you also have the option of applying advanced object detection to each detected motion recording. This detects whether the movement in the video was triggered by a person, a vehicle or a pet. Under Alarm options, you can set that you are only notified when certain objects are detected. In the Tab Alarms, the detected object is indicated by a symbol under the preview image. In addition, you have the option of filtering by object type.

If you have selected tariff X, you also have a licence plate recognition and a face recognition at your disposal. In the People tab, you can view recognised persons, assign names and configure notifications. In the Tab Vehicles you will find recognised number plates and can set notifications.


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