Port Forwarding

Unitymedia Connectbox

This is the 2nd step of the port forwarding, click HERE to get to the beginning of the instructions.

Open the web interface of your Unitymedia Connect Box by entering the IP address of the router ( by default) in the address bar of your browser.

In the menu, click on Advanced Settings → Security → Port Forwarding. Here you will see the list of all port forwarders. Click on Create a new rule to enter the port forwarding for the camera.

Portforwarding Unitymedia Connectbox

Lokale IPEnter the IP address of the camera here. You can read out the address in the Instar Camera Tool or in the device list of the router.
Lokaler Start PortEnter the port of your camera here, i.e. 8081 for camera 1 as in step 1. If you add further cameras, then change the corresponding port for each of them (8082 for camera 2 etc.).
Lokaler End PortEnter the same port here as in the previous field.
Externer Start PortEnter the same port here as in the previous field.
Externer End PortEnter the same port here as in the previous field.
ProtokollChoose here TCP
AktiviertChoose here An

Then confirm the entries and the port forwarding for the camera is active.

Portforwarding Unitymedia Connectbox

In order to also be able to access the flash video, a second port forwarding must now be set up for your camera. To do this, follow the previous instructions exactly, except enter the RMTP port of your camera in the last window. For your first camera, enter 1935 in all fields, for your second camera 1936, and so on.

The settings in the router are now complete and you can continue with the next step. To do this, click HERE.

Step III: The Camera´s DDNS-Address and the Remote-Access


Bei Internetanschlüssen in Verbindung mit Unitymedia kann es vorkommen, dass keine öffentliche IPv4-Adresse vergeben wird. Diese ist allerdigns nötig, um per DDNS auf die Kamera zugreifen zu können. Um dies zu überprüfen, gehen Sie im Router zu Erweiterte Einstellungen → Tools → Netzwerkstatus. Dort können Sie ablesen, ob Sie eine Ipv4-Adresse haben oder nur eine IPv6-Adresse, bzw. DS-Lite-Tunnel. In der Regel erhalten Sie eine öffentliche IPv4-Adresse vom Anbieter, wenn Sie nachfragen.


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