IN-8401 2k+ WQHD Manual

INSTAR 2K+ Serie Videostream

RTSP Streaming

e.g. VLC Player

To use your camera with third-party software, you may need to enter a specific URL (web address) where your camera is available. The program can then access the video image of your camera directly. Step-by-step instructions for the most important programs can be found here.

Access in the internal network

Please use the following URLs to use your camera with third-party software:

  • RTSP Stream 1: rtsp://user:password@192.168.x.x:/livestream/11
  • RTSP Stream 2: rtsp://user:password@192.168.x.x:/livestream/12
  • RTSP Stream 3: rtsp://user:password@192.168.x.x:/livestream/13

User and password are your camera login - e.g. rtsp://admin:instar@

Please add the x according to the IP of your camera (e.g. for the AVM Fritzbox the first x = 178 and the second x = is the EndIP your camera receives from your router). If you have changed the RTSP port (default = 554), you have to add it to the IP address of your camera.


To access the camera's RTSP stream over the Internet, you need set a port forwarding rule for the RTSP port (default 554) to the local IP address of the camera in your router, as described for the LAN (HTTP) port (default 80).

Remote Access

You can use your DDNS address to remote access your camera:

  • RTSP Stream 1: rtsp://

The camera offers you 3 video streams with different bit rates and resolutions. The second or third stream is preferable if you only have a limited bandwidth available. Access via the Internet is unfortunately often affected by bottlenecks, as the upload rates of a DSL connection (at the installation site of the camera) are usually far below the download rate available there.

JPG & MJPEG Streaming

To use your camera with third-party software, you may need to enter a JPG image URL (web address). You can find step-by-step instructions for the most popular programs here.

Access in the internal network

Please use the following path to use your camera with third-party software:


  • MJPEG Path Channel 11: http://User:Password@192.168.x.x/livestream/11?action=play&media=mjpeg&user=Username&pwd=Password
  • MJPEG Path Channel 12: http://User:Password@192.168.x.x/livestream/12?action=play&media=mjpeg&user=Username&pwd=Password
  • MJPEG Path Channel 13: http://User:Password@192.168.x.x/livestream/13?action=play&media=mjpeg&user=Username&pwd=Password


  • MJPEG Path Channel 11: http://User:Password@192.168.x.x/livestream/11?action=play&media=mjpeg
  • MJPEG Path Channel 12: http://User:Password@192.168.x.x/livestream/12?action=play&media=mjpeg
  • MJPEG Path Channel 13: http://User:Password@192.168.x.x/livestream/13?action=play&media=mjpeg

Or for MP4:

  • Fragmented MP4 Path Channel 11: http://Benutzer:Kennwort@192.168.x.x/livestream/11?action=play&media=fmp4
  • Fragmented MP4 Path Channel 12: http://Benutzer:Kennwort@192.168.x.x/livestream/12?action=play&media=fmp4
  • Fragmented MP4 Path Channel 13: http://Benutzer:Kennwort@192.168.x.x/livestream/13?action=play&media=fmp4


  • JPG Path Channel 11: http://192.168.x.x/snap.cgi?chn=11&user=Username&pwd=Password
  • JPG Path Channel 12: http://192.168.x.x/snap.cgi?chn=12&user=Username&pwd=Password
  • JPG Path Channel 13: http://192.168.x.x/snap.cgi?chn=13&user=Username&pwd=Password


  • JPG Path Channel 11: http://User:Password@192.168.x.x/snap.cgi?chn=11
  • JPG Path Channel 12: http://User:Password@192.168.x.x/snap.cgi?chn=12
  • JPG Path Channel 13: http://User:Password@192.168.x.x/snap.cgi?chn=13