IN-8003 Full HD Manual

IN-8003 Full HD Produkt Features

01Mounting PlateFor Wall or Ceiling Installation
02BracketSealing bracket for the main camera body
03PhotosensorTwilight switch for IR LEDs
04Infrared LEDsFor Night vision - 12 IR-LEDs ( @ 850nm)
05LenseWide-angle (focal length: 4.3mm / field of view: approx. 90º dia.)
06PIR SensorIntegrated passive infrared (PIR) motion detector
07MicrophoneFor noise detection / audio rec.
08Micro SD CardSlot for MicroSD/SDXC cards (max. 128GB - 16GB included) - inside the camera
09ResetPress 15-20 seconds for reset
10Network LEDOff: No Power / No signal, Flashing: Network Signal
11Network PortRJ45 LAN port / connector for Cat5e LAN cable or higher
12Power ConnectorFor included 12V / 1A power supply

The IN-8003 is the newest Full HD PIR Indoor and Outdoor IP Camera from INSTAR. With a built-in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and four separately configurable alarm areas that can be linked together, the camera prevents false alarms and notifies you only when a real alarm has been triggered.

Equipped with one of the latest Panasonic Full HD CMOS image sensor, which features low noise, high speed and new Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) functionality, the IN-8003 is able to achieve the best image quality in daylight as well as clear image in night vision mode with the help of its high-power LEDs. Hence, the IN-8003 is able to deliver accurate motion detection and alarm notification.

The design of this camera was completely new developed in order to fullfill the wishes of our customers. If you need to pull the cable through the wall, a small hole in the size of the cable diameter would be sufficient, as you can simply take off the cable from inside the casing, pull it through the wall and connect the cable back to the board inside.

This camera is running an embedded Linux operating system and a Webserver which supports TLS/SSL encryption for security and privacy. It provides a built-in, modern HTML5 based Web User Interface (WebUI) with focus on usability and simplicity, supporting all recent devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux,…). Thanks to the built-in Camera Setup Wizard and the (built-in) help function, INSTAR users can enjoy a very easy initial set-up of the IP camera.