2K+ WQHD MQTT & HTTP Alarm server

Q: Can you please check the triggered alarms in MQTT?

The following problem:

  • If I have activated the Alarm areas 1 & 2, the alarm in area 1 is reported by the Alarm server when entering area 2.
  • If I have areas 2 & 3 active and enter area 3, area 2 is triggered according to the MQTT alarm server.

So actually always the “lowest” trigger. However, if I test the corresponding detection area manually, the correct trigger is also reported by the alarm server.

A: That is correct - alarm triggers are briefly collected internally. If several triggers occur in this time window, you receive summarized event in the system log:

2024-05-16 7:23:47: A: Motion area triggered [1,2,3,4]

This allows us to offer filters - for example, only trigger an alarm if the PIR and a specific detection area was triggered.

However, if a person triggers only one area, this array also contains only this one entry - like here, for example:

2024-05-16 7:11:29: A: Motion area triggered [2]

The first element of this array is used for the alarm server. I.e. if you divide the frame into 4 vertical alarm areas and a person walks slowly from one side to the other, you will receive triggers from all four areas from [1] - [4]. Although internally the first entry may be [1,2,3] you will receive a 1 from the alarm server. This is followed e.g. by an entry [2,3,4] and you receive a 2 and so on. If the person walks quickly through the frame, you may only receive a single trigger for area 1, as all 4 areas trigger once, but these triggers are combined into one event [1,2,3,4].