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Network connection not possible

Q: One of my cameras does not work anymore, I do not get any network connection, either via Wlan or Lan. I have already tried a reset. The camera does not appear in the Camera Tool. In addition, I have now replaced the power supply, this also did not remedy. Now I have read on the support pages that in the HD model, the orange lamp on the network port should burn permanently. However, the lights only on an intact camera, not on the defective. The green light flashes after connecting the network cable. What is this error, how can I fix it?

A: We would suggest that you take out the SD. Sometimes a typing error occurs that prevents the camera from starting correctly. In this case, the camera without SD card would work again. You would then only have the card, for example. format on the PC and you could reinsert and use normally.

For the outdoor cameras, the housing must first be opened before you get to the SD card:

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