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IN-LAN 500 and IN-LAN 500p Downloads

Operation Manual

Quick Installation: The Quick Installation section provides an overview of all steps to install your Powerline Adapter.

Quick Installation: Create a fast plug-and-play network between two or more IN-LAN Powerline adapters. All data sent over the network is encrypted, but additional adapters can be easily integrated.

Steps to improve the data connection

Product features and technical data

Safety regulations as well as guarantee and disposal

Atheros Tool for Windows

IN-Lan Power Packet Utility

This tool (Power Packet Tool) allows you to find all IN-LAN adapters in your network. The Atheros Tool scans your network for all connected IN-LAN adapters. The tool can also be used to build a private encrypted network. A guide on how to set up the tool can be found under the link above.

The Power Packet Utility is required to encrypt multiple adapters.

Download the Atheros Power Packet utility here:

Update: For Windows 10 please use the following download link: