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720p CGI Commands

The Alarm Menu :: Email


Function Set the Receiver for the Email Notification
Authority admin
Parameter aname:
ma_server: SMTP Server Address e.g.
ma_port:SMTP Server Port e.g. 25, 587 or 465
ma_ssl: SSL Encryption 0 (Disabled), 1 (SSL), 2 (TLS) or 3 (STARTTLS)
ma_logintype:Enable (1) or Disable (3) Authentication
ma_username:SMTP Server Username
ma_password:SMTP Server Password
var ma_from: Sender Email Address
var ma_to: Receiver Email Address
var ma_subject: Mail Subject Line
var ma_text: Mail Content
Return Success, Error
Example GET: http://admin:instar@
SET: http://admin:instar@;&-ma_subject=Alarm&-ma_text=Alarm


Function Test SMTP Parameter
Authority admin
Parameter 0: (successful)
-1 (unknown error)
-2 (no connection to server)
-3 (username or password error)
-4 (path error)
Return Success, Error
Example GET: http://admin:instar@