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720p CGI Commands

The Alarm Menu :: Alarm Server


Function Activate the 3rd Alarmserver to send HTTP GET Requests
Authority admin
Parameter aname:
switch: [on, off]
Return Success, Error
Remark Only the 3rd Alarmserver is availble - Others might be used for other purposes and should not be reconfigured! You can check the other Alarmserver with the GET command above.
Example GET: http://admin:instar@
SET: http://admin:instar@


Function Configure the 3rd Alarmserver
Authority admin
Parameter as_server: [IP or Domain] Adress of your server
as_port: [1-65536] Serverport
as_path: [String]
as_query1 and as_query2: Add a attributes & value to your URL
as_queryattr1 and as_queryattr2: Attribute of your variable
as_queryval1 and as_queryval2: Value of your variable
as_auth: [0, 1] Activate/Deactivate Authentification
as_username and as_password User login
Return Success, Error
Example SET: http://admin:instar@