Forbidden Characters

URL Encoding

All CGI commands as well as video and snapshot URLs can be used by adding your user login to the URL to automatically authenticate yourself. This method is called BasicAuth or basic authentication. Note that the group of characters allowed in this method is limited and adding special characters to your login can break this method. For example adding a ? or @ to your password like in the following example does not work:

  • /snap.cgi?chn=11&user=myuser&pwd=P@ssword?123

Adding this URL to your cameras IP inside the browser address bar will return an error message because the authentication will be rejected. But you can escape those forbidden characters with URL encoding. You can find a list of all forbidden characters and their encoding on the W3 Website. So the @ can be substituted with %40 and ? with %3F like this:

  • /snap.cgi?chn=11&user=myuser&pwd=P%40ssword%3F123

Check the W3 Website for a list of all encodings!

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