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1080p CGI Commands

The Alarm Menu :: Alarm Server


Function Get Alarm Server [1] Parameter
Authority admin
Parameter md_server2_switch: De/Activate Alarm Server2 [off, on]
Example GET: http://admin:instar@
SET: http://admin:instar@

Update: Set the alarm server interval (cooldown) in [s] with /param.cgi?cmd=setmdalarm&-aname=server2&-switch=on&-interval=60 - The default interval is 60s. You can reduce the interval down to 1s.


Function Get Alarmserver [2] Configuration
Authority admin
Parameter aname:
as_server[2]: Address of the receiving Server (e.g. Home Automation Server) [IPv4 Address]
as_port[2]: Port of the receiving Server [1-65536]
as_auth[2]: Authentication required [0, 1]
as_username[2]: Alarmserver Username
as_password[2]: Alarmserver Password
as_path[2]: URL Path
as_area[2]: Send Query when Motion is Detected
as_io[2]: Send Query when Alarm Input is Triggered
as_audio[2]: Send Query when Audio Alarm is Triggered
as_areaio[2]: Send Query when Motion is Detected and Input is Triggered
as_activequery[2]: Append Alarm Trigger to Query
as_query1[2]: Activate Sending optional Parameter 1
as_queryattr1[2]: Command 1 Attribute
as_queryval1[2]: Command 1 Value
as_query2[2]: Activate Sending optional Parameter 2
as_queryattr1[2]: Command 2 Attribute
as_queryval2[2]: Command 2 Value
as_query3[2]: Activate Sending optional Parameter 3
as_queryattr3[2]: Command 3 Attribute
as_queryval3[2]: Command 3 Value
Example GET: hhttp://admin:instar@