IN-9008 Full HD Technical Specifications

Image Properties

Camera ModelINSTAR IN-9008 Full HD Colour / IR Outdoor Camera
CasingAluminium (White, Black)
Image SensorPanasonic MN34229 1080p 1/3" CMOS Wide Dynamic Range with 2.12 Megapixel Resolution   
Supported Resolutions1080p, 720p, 360p
Video Compressionh.264, MJPEG, JPG
h.264 Bitrate90 kbps - 4.096 kbps
Framerateup to 30fps
Active Pixel Area5,346 (H) µm x 3,003 (V) µm
Day / Night SwitchYes
Min. Illumination (Colour)0.05 Lux @ f/2.0
Min. Illumination (IR)0 Lux @ f/2.0
# of Parallel Streams3
White balanceAutomatic
Electronic ShutterAutomatic
Flip / Mirror VideoYes / Yes
Video OverlayDate, Time, Camera Name
Video ParameterBrightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Gamma, Illumination
Lense4.2 ±5% mm (Manual Focus) f/2.1   
Infrared LEDs5 High Power LEDs @ 850 nm
Effective Range (IR)12-20 m
intgr. IRcut FilterYes
Optical ZoomNo
Digital Zoom3 x (only ActiveX)

Image Quality

Resolution Comparison

IN-9008 HD / IN-5905 HD **

IN-9008 HD / IN-5907 HD **

IN-9008 HD / IN-5907 HD

IN-9008 HD / IN-5905 HD

IN-9008 HD / IN-5905 HD

IN-9008 HD / IN-5905 HD

4.2mm Wide Angle Lense

IN-9008 HD Angle of View: Image width [m] and height [m] as a function of Distance *

Image Width Comparison

IN-9008 HD (4.2mm Lense) vs. IN-5905 HD (4.2mm Lense) vs. IN-5907 HD (8mm Lense) in [m] **

* The larger the distance between your camera and the surveillance area, the larger the area becomes that your camera´s image covers. For example, if the object is at a distance of 10m from your camera, your camera´s image will cover a width of 11.68m.

** The Model IN-5907HD only offers half the resolution, compared to the IN-9008HD, but - with its reduced angle of view - still offers a very detailed image. The camera model IN-5905HD uses a similar lense as the IN-9008HD (4mm vs 4.2mm focal length), with a slightly a bigger field of view because of its slightly bigger sensor and wider lense. This makes the IN-5905HD an interesting model, if the distance to the object is not that far to suffer from its lack of resolution.

Hardware Specification

Camera ModelINSTAR IN-9008 HD Colour / IR Outdoor Camera
Alarm InputYes (and integrated heat sensor Passive Infrared Red for motion detection)
Pyroelectric Motion SensorPanasonic PaPIR EKMC16 Long Distance Pyroelectric Sensor   
PIR Field of View102° x 92° (108° x 99°)
PIR Detector Rangeup to 25 Meter   
PIR Detection Zone92 beams
PIR Detection Condition
  • The temperature difference between the target and the surroundings must be higher than 4°C
  • Movement speed: 1.0m/s
  • Target concept: Human body with an approx. size of 700×250mm
  • Target moving direction: Crossing the detection beam
SD CardRemovable microSDHC card up to 128GB (16GB included)
AudioIntegrated Loudspeaker / Audio Out (3.5mm Headphone Jack)
MicrophoneIntegrated Microphone
Network Interface10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet Port / WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n
EncryptionWEP (64/128bit), WPA/WPA2-PSK (TKIP, AES, CCMP)
WiFi Frequency Band2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
WiFi Antenna3 dBi WLAN RP-SMA Antenna
Access ProtectionUsername/Password - 3 Level Authorisation
Power Supply110-240V ac @ 50-60Hz to 12V dc and 2000mA - cable length: 3m
Power Plug2-pin female JST XH 2.54 mm plug [width: 6mm, length: 8mm, 2.54mm between wires]
Power ConsumptionMax. 9.0 W
Integr. DDNS ServiceYes
Pan & Tilt350° / 100°
Measurements in [cm]10.3 / 7.5 / 23.0
Weight368 g
Operating Temperature-5°C - 55°C
CertificationCE, FCC, RoHS

Power Consumption

IN-9008 HD (blue) vs. IN-5905 HD (orange) vs. IN-2905 V2 (black) vs. IN-5907 HD (red) in [W]

Power consumption in operation:

1.) Booting (min.), 2.) Booting (max.), 3.) Booting with IR LEDs on (max.), 4.) Idle, 5.) Idle with active IR LEDs, 6.) Idle with active IR LEDs in WiFi operation, 7.) Idle with active video recording, 8.) Idle with active video recording and IR LEDs on

Software Specifications

Camera ModelINSTAR IN-9008 HD Colour / IR Outdoor Camera
Alert NotificationEmail/FTP/HTTP/Alarm-out
Supported BrowserChrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer
Supported Windows SoftwareInstarVision, InstarVision (Metro), Sighthound, go1984, iSpy, VLC Player, etc.
Supported macOSX SoftwareSighthound, SecuritySpy, VLC Player, etc.
Supported Android AppsInstarVision, IP Cam Viewer, Tiny Cam Monitor etc.
Supported iOS AppsInstarVision, LiveCams
Supported Windows Phone AppsInstarVision

Supported Software

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