IN-7011 HD Quick Installation   

Connect the WiFi antenna with the wall mount of your camera.

Plug in the power adapter connect it with the power connector on your camera´s cable tree.

It is recommended to set your routers WiFi channel to an unoccupied number, and set the encryption to WPA2/AES (or CCMP).

A Press the WPS button (s. above) on your router.
B Press the camera´s reset button for 3s (image on the left). Be aware that holding it for longer than 10s will result in a camera reset.
C The camera will now automatically connect to your WiFi network. Please skip to step 7 (for PC or Mac) or 14 (for smartphone).

To establish a LAN connection, plug in the Ethernet cable to the RJ-45 on your cameras cable tree.

Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into a free LAN port of your router or switch.

Now start the IP Camera Tool from the Software CD and double-click the name of your camera.

Standard Login user/password: admin / instar for administrators, user / instar for regular users and guest / instar for guest.

Activate the WiFi card of your camera inside the WebUI and start searching for WiFi signals. Select your WiFi, add your key and safe the settings. Restart your camera and unplug the LAN cable.

To access your camera over the internet, you have to forward the HTTP Port inside your router (default “80”) To access the Flash videostream inside the WebUI, you also have to forward the RTMP Port (Standard “1935”).

To access your camera from your Android, iOS or Windows Phone smartphone please download the InstarVision® App from the App Store.

The P2P function allows you access your camera over the internet without the need for a port forwarding (s.#12). Simply add a P2P camera to our smartphone app and scan the QR Code inside the WebUI. Please be aware that you will have to use the administrator login for your camera (s.#8).

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