IN-7011 HD Product Features

Camera Overview

The IN-7011 HD is a weather proof dome camera which can either be used in in- or outdoor environments. A convenient motor allows for quick readjusting of the lenses viewing direction and can be controlled by any network device such as a tablet or a smartphone. The built-in infrared diodes allow you to see in pitch dark environments, while the integrated IR cut filter aids in the display of vibrant colours, as seen by the human eye. Through the use of an efficient h.264 compression codec it is able of recording video files on a MicroSD memory card with comparably small size but best picture results.

1IP65 Metal CasingHigh quality, weatherproofed camera casing
2Infrared LEDs22 IR LEDs nightvision @850nm
3LenseWide lense (focal length: 6.0mm / field of view: appx. 56.7º dia.)
4Photo sensorTwilight Switch for IR LEDs
5Network PortRJ45 LAN Port for the provided CAT5e Ethernet Cable
For power supply according to IEEE802.3af only for the PoE model
6Power Connector12V / 2A dc - Plug Ø 2.1mm in / 5.5mm (out)
7Antenna ConnectorSMA WiFi Antenna Connector
8Wall MountCamera Wall Mount
9Alarm OutputFor external signaling devices and house automation
Potential free alarm output max. 60VDC/125VAC and 1A
10Audio InputExternal microphone port
11Audio OutputFor earphones and active speakers
12Reset ButtonReset your camera settings to the factory defaults
13Alarm IntputFor external motion detectors such as the INSTAR IN-Motion 500
*SD Card SlotSlot for MicroSD/SDHC cards up to 32 GB - 8 GB included
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