Product Overview

IN-4011 Overview

1.) Wifi antenna, 2.) Metal wall mount, 3.) High quality metal housing, 4.) 66 Infrared LEDs, 5.) Remote controlled camera head, 6.) Plexiglas dome, 7.) DC power supply connector, 8.) Alarm I/O connector for external devices, 9.) Audio output for external speakers 10.) RJ45 Ethernet connector, 11.) Audio-In for external microphones, 12.) Reset button, 13.) Standard 3.7 - 14.8 mm infrared zoom lense

The IN-4011 is a dome camera for outdoor use and thanks to its pan and tilt motor it can capture the whole area. The PTZ functions can be manipulated by any computer or smartphone device and allows a comfortable way to change the position of the cameras lense. A clear picture is achieved through it optical zoom lense. In contrast to conventional upscaling the variable focal length ensures zooming capabilities with satisfying picture results. The IN-4011 comes with an active microphone which allows you to capture all noises or use it to trigger alarm events if a specific volume level is reached.

This camera model can easily be connected to your network by using its 54MBit (802.11b/g/n) Wifi module or through the 100MBit network interface. This will ensure a fast stream of the cameras video.

For surveillance purposes, the IN-4011 is ready for implementation to your existing system. Home Automation Systems as well as NAS Systems like Synology or QNAP are have integrated our cameras into their products. You will find profiles to the corresponding cameras within the systems software. But also as a stand-alone device it offers you a number of alarming features like Email Notification or compatibility with signaling devices.


Outdoor IP Camera
IN-4011 HD


  • Remote controlled Pan & Tilt outdoor camera with a 4 times optical zoom
  • Very compact high quality IP65 weatherproof aluminium housing
  • Alarm I/O for external sensors (e.g. motion or smoke detectors) and receivers (e.g. house automations)
  • 66 Infrared LEDs @ 850nm for night vision


  • RJ-45 Ethernet port for an easy integration into your 100Mbit home network
  • Compatible with Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g up to 54Mbit networks with WEP, WPA and WPA2 security
  • DHCP and UPnP support for an automatic network integration
  • Integrated individual DDNS ("Internet") address to access your camera through the Internet


  • Free Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8 App
  • Web user interface allows an easy configuration and camera control through your default web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Manage all your cameras from your PC with the integrated multi view for up to 9 cameras (only IE)
  • Software-based motion and audio detection and email notification with attached snapshots
  • Record videos directly on your PC (only ActiveX)