IN-6001 HD Product Features

Camera Overview

The IN-6001 HD is the smallest INSTAR HD 720p camera for indoor surveillance inside your office or house. The camera can easily be controlled through your smartphone from inside your network and also over the internet. The camera can easily be connected to your network by using its 108MBit (802.11b/g/n) Wi-Fi module (WPA/WPA2) or through the 100MBit network interface to ensure a fluid video stream. The camera can also see during the night thanks to 8 Infrared LEDs operating at a wavelength of 850nm. The max. indoor range for the cameras night vision is around 5-10 meters. The spiritual successor of the IN-3001 will bring you all the features that you are used to from our VGA series, combined with a superior resolution of 1280x720 Pixel and the possibility to record videos on an integrated SD card. If an alarm is triggered the camera can send an email to notify you. Each email also has 4 pictures attached. This way it will be very easy to check quickly what caused the motion to make sure your home is safe.

1MicrophoneFor talk function in webUI, smartphone apps, etc.
2Photo sensorTwilight-Switch for IR LEDs
3LenseStandard-lense (focal length: 4.2mm / field of view: appx. 75.3º dia.)
4Infrared LEDs8 IR LEDs 5-10m nightvision @850nm
5LoudspeakerFor talk function in webUI, smartphone apps, etc.
6Wall MountPlastic Wall Mount
7Network PortRJ45 LAN Port for the provided CAT5e Ethernet Cable
8Power Connector5V / 1.5 A dc - Plug Ø 1.35mm (in) / 3.5mm (out)
9MicroSD CardThe card slot is located behind the back plate
(8GB preinstalled)
10Reset ButtonReset your camera settings to factory results
11Status LEDstop: WiFi Status LED blinks fast when connected
middle: LAN Status LED lights up when connected
bottom: Power Status LED lights up when powered

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