1080p CGI Commands

The Network Menu :: Remote Access


Function Get your Camera´s INSTAR DDNS Configuration
Authority admin
Parameter our_enable : 1: INSTAR DDNS enabled, 0: INSTAR DDNS disabled
our_server : INSTAR DDNS Server Domain
our_port : INSTAR DDNS Server Port
our_uname : Your INSTAR DDNS ID
our_passwd : Your INSTAR DDNS Password
our_domain : Your INSTAR DDNS Address
our_interval : Update Intervall
Example GET: http://admin:instar@


Function Get your Camera´s 3rd Party DDNS Configuration
Authority admin
Parameter d3th_enable : 1: 3rd Party DDNS activated / INSTAR DDNS disabled, 0: 3rd Party DDNS deactivated / INSTAR DDNS enabled
d3th_service : 0: DynDNS, 1: NoIP
d3th_uname : Your Username
d3th_passwd : Your Password
d3th_domain : Your 3rd Party DDNS Address
Example GET: http://admin:instar@
SET: http://admin:instar@


Function Get your Camera Server Variables
Authority admin
Parameter model : Camera Model Identifier
hardVersion : Hardware Version
softVersion : Firmware Version
webVersion : WebUI Version
startdate : Camera Uptime
upnpstatus : UPnP service ok, off, failed
facddnsstatus : INSTAR DDNS Status ok, off, failed
th3ddnsstatus : INSTAR 3rd Party DDNS Status ok, off, failed
platformstatus : Platform Status 0, 1
sdstatus : SD Card Status out, Ready, Read only
sdfreespace : SD free space,KB
sdtotalspace : SD total space,KB
Example GET: http://admin:instar@

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