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System Menu // Status LED

Did you notice the blue and blinking LED on the camera? It can be very annoying in a dark room. But it can be used to troubleshoot your network connection or to make people aware that they are being recorded. For all other purposes come here to deactivate it.

Deactivate your Camera´s Network LED (if available)

INSTAR 720p Web User Interface - Status LED

Status LED Activate or deactivate the network status LED of your camera (only for cameras with Status LEDs).

Here you can adjust the behaviour of the red Status LED at the power connector of the camera. Enable it to have it display camera activity - which is especially helpful during the installation process. Or deactivate it for normal operation.

LED Status Indicator

LED indicator blue LED red LED
flashes every 2s network connection LAN defect / boot loop
flashes 3x per seconds network connection WiFi N/A
continuously on booting or WPS function normal operation
continuously off no power no power or no LED (newer models)