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You can backup your camera configuration after setting everything up. Download the file and name it appropriately for a later restore. Please be aware that software updates sometimes add new variables / functions to the camera and you won´t be able to use your old backup files anymore. Always create a new backup after a software update to be sure.

Backup your Camera Configuration

INSTAR 720p Web User Interface - Settings Backup

To save your camera settings please check the corresponding box, click submit and you will be asked for a file path and name. The default is config_backup.bin and the file path is the download folder of your browser. To restore the settings, check Load Backup Copy, browse for the backup file and click submit.

Save Backup Copy Save you settings in a config_backup.bin file after you configured up your camera. Simply check the save backup box and submit.
Load Backup Copy To restore your settings, e.g. after a reset, check the load backup box, browse for the backup file and submit.
Browse Click here to search for your config_backup.bin backup file. Just submit the file to restore your settings.