1440p Web User Interface

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WebUI Settings

UI Tiles for quick setting for your INSTAR 1440p FullHD IP camera. Set here which tiles should be displayed to the right of the live video.

Web User Interface - 1440p Series - System WebUI

WebUI Settings
Activate Night ModeChange colour theme of the user interface from White/Blue to Darkgray/Orange
Show Digital Zoom ControlWhen activated you will see two new buttons in the lower right corner of your camera`s live video. They allow you to zoom towards the center of the video with a magnification of up to 6x.
Quick Access ButtonsCustomize the Quick Access Buttons displayed to the right of the Live Video
PlayPause and start the live video. If you let the video run in the browser for a longer time, you may notice a delay in the video. Stopping the video once briefly should fix the problem.
MuteEnable or disable the audio stream from your camera.
Full ScreenSwitch the camera video to full screen mode.
AlarmClick on the bell icon to pause the alarm of your camera. You can find the same setting in our smartphone app. When the alarm is paused, you will see a crossed out bell on the live video of the camera.
WebUI ModeSwitch here between the White and Dark Mode of the web interface.
UpdateHere you can see whether a software update for your camera is available for download. As soon as an update is displayed, just click to start the update process.
SnapshotClick this tile to take a snapshot of the live video from your camera.
RecordingClick this tile to record a video to your camera`s internal SD card.
IR-LEDsClick on this tile to enable or disable the IR LEDs of your camera.
Alarm EmailClick this tile to enable or disable the email alert notification of your camera.
NotificationsClick on this tile to view the status messages of your camera.
LanguageClick on this tile to set the WebUI language of your camera.
?The question mark will take you directly to the settings menu.

Personalize the Quick Access Bar

The access bar allows you to quickly access frequently used functions on the right side of the main page with one click. You can customize the arrangement as well as the selection in this menu according to your needs.

Drag & Drop

To adjust the positions or the individual buttons in the access bar, you just need to drag the desired button to the desired position.

Remark: With Internet Explorer as well as the Edge browser you must first select a button with a click. It will then be highlighted in orange. Then select the position in which you want to place the marked button. Valid options are displayed in orange when you move the mouse over them.

Digital Zoom

Activate the digital Zoom controls in the lower right to be able to increase the center of your cameras live video by up to 6 times:

Web User Interface - 1440p Series - System WebUI