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Something doesn´t work anymore? Check the system log file for information. You don´t receive Alarm Emails anymore but your SMTP settings look fine? Check the log if there are still motion trigger events. Or you get spammed with Alarm Emails but motion detection is already deactivated? Check your log - maybe the events are triggered by the Audio Alarm or an external trigger.

Click on the SD card icon in the upper right corner to save the logbook to the camera's SD card. This way, the log will be preserved even after a camera restart.


Your camera provides a fine-grained access rights system that allows you to restrict access to certain menus of the web user interface and its underlying CGI commands. The minimum permission to access this menu is:

  • User Permissions: System Settings

User permissions can be modified in the user menu.

Web User Interface - 1440p Series - System Log

Camera Log
startupE: Startup system
shutdownE: Shutdown system
wifiEstablishedE: Wifi established
wifiDisconnectedE: Wifi disconnected
LanOnWifiOffE: Wifi disconnected due to LAN
switchToDayE: Switching to day mode
switchToNightE: Switching to night mode
pirTriggeredA: PIR triggered
soundDetectedA: Sound detected
manualAlarmA: Manual alarm triggered
sdDeleteOldestN: Storage full, delete %s
sdTimedDeleteN: Storage time exceeded, delete %s
userLoginE: %s has logged in
userLoginIpE: %s has logged in from %s
userLogoutE: %s has logged out
pushA: Push has been sent
alarmserverA: HTTP request has been sent
cloudRecordA: Record to INSTAR CLOUD (%s)
sdRecordA: Record to SD (%s)
sdSnapA: Snapshot to SD (%s)
ftpRecordA: Record to FTP (%s)
ftpSnapA: Snapshot to FTP (%s)
ftpFailErr: FTP upload failed (%s)
ftpFailTimeoutErr: FTP timeout (%s)
ftpFailTooManyErr: FTP too many con. (%s)
ftpSuccessA: FTP upload successful (%s)
emailPrepareA: Collecting snapshots for E-mail (%d)
emailSuccessA: E-mail successful
emailFailErr: E-mail failed
emailFailTimeoutErr: E-mail timeout
recKeyWarningN: No Keyframe in prerecording