1440p Web User Interface

Multimedia Menu

Audio Settings

Here you can adjust the amplification of the cameras microphones/audio-in as well as the volume of the audio-out signal.


Your camera provides a fine-grained access rights system that allows you to restrict access to certain menus of the web user interface and its underlying CGI commands. The minimum permission to access this menu is:

  • User Permissions: Multimedia Settings

User permissions can be modified in the user menu.

Web User Interface - 1440p Series - Multimedia Audio

Audio Settings
Enable audioActivate or deactivate the audio input (microphone) of your camera.
Input sensitivityThe audio input volume controls the internal or (optional) external microphone of your camera. Please be aware, that the volume indirectly influences the sensitivity of the Audio Detection.
SpeakerActivate or deactivate the audio output (speaker) of your camera.
Output volumeHere you can adjust the audio volume for the internal or optional external loudspeaker of your camera.
Active Noise Reduction (ANR)Enable the active noise reduction for your cameras audio recording.
ANR LevelSet the percentage of noise reduction that should be used.
Active Echo Cancellation (AEC)Enable the active echo cancellation for your cameras audio recording.