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Deactivate your Camera´s Status LEDs

Did you notice the blue and blinking LED on the camera? It can be very annoying in a dark room. But it can be used to troubleshoot your network connection or to make people aware that they are being recorded. For all other purposes come here to deactivate it.

Web User Interface - 1440p Series - Features Status LED

Status LED
Activate LED IndicatorActivate or deactivate the network and power status LED of your camera (only for cameras with Status LEDs).

Here you can adjust the behaviour of the red Power Status LED and blue WiFi Status LED of the camera. Enable it to have it display camera activity - which is especially helpful during the installation process. Or deactivate it for normal operation.

Camera Reset & WPS

Pressing the reset button on your camera will turn the Status LEDs off and...

  1. After 3s: Turn the Status LEDs on and after releasing the button start the Wireless-Protected-Setup or WPS mode that allows you to add your camera to your local WiFi.
  2. After 15s: Let the Status LEDs flash slowly and after releasing the button reset all your camera settings except the network configuration.
  3. After 20s: Let the Status LEDs flash fast and after releasing the button reset ALL your camera settings.
  4. After 30s: Turn the Status LEDs off and roll back your camera to the state it had before the last Firmware update and restart your camera.