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1080p Weboberfläche

Smarthome Menü

Alarm Server
Use your camera to notify your home automation system in case of a motion detection.
MQTT Broker
Configure the INSTAR MQTT broker - activate the server, or switch to an external broker. You can also configure the authentication and add your personal SSL certificate...
Alexa Skill
We provide both an INSTAR Cloud Skill and an INSTAR Camera Skill for you in the Alexa Skill Store. For INSTAR Cloud Skill you only need an INSTAR Cloud account and an Alexa device with a display. Add the skill on your Alexa device and use it directly.
IFTTT Applets
On the IFTTT Platform, we provided a service named INSTAR. The INSTAR Applets provides a way for you to control some settings of your INSTAR Camera or INSTAR Cloud with IFTTT. You can connect INSTAR to Location and Date & Time triggers and receive Notifications and more. For example, you can connected the INSTAR Applets with the IFTTT Location service and to turn off the alarm when you arrive at home. You can also use the INSTAR Applets to build your own automation connecting them to other third-party Applets.