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IN-9008 Full HD

Full-HD Lenses

Example Images (Day)

4.2mm Default Wideangle Lense vs. 8mm Standard Lense and 16mm Tele Lense

Available Lenses

Image Quality

Wideangle vs Resolution

By using a lense with double the focal length, you will half the angle of view. That means that an object at the same distance, e.g. a license plate, will be displayed twice as big and be resolved by twice as many pixels by the image sensor. Writing, that is barely visible using a wide-angle lense, might be easily discernible with a standard or tele lense.

It is important to choose the right lense for the surveillance task at hand. INSTAR allows you to find the perfect balance between field of view and resolution. The following example shows a license plate at a distance of approx. 15m, using lenses with different focal lengths (click on Gallery to enlarge).

IN-9008 Full HD

16mm Lense

IN-9008 Full HD

8mm Lense

IN-9008 Full HD

4.2mm Lense