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IN-Motion Motion Detection Sensors

IP Camera WebUI Setting

After connecting the PIR sensor with your camera’s signal input, please open the camera’s web user interface. Go to the alarm settings and activate the external alarm input:

IN-Motion 500 Motion Detection Sensors


IN-Motion 500 Motion Detection Sensors


Depending on the operation mode of the sensor (NO or NC), you might receive a constant alarm trigger. Please adjust the Alarm Trigger Level (low/high) or Circuit during alarm (closed/open) accordingly.

If you choose to use either the PIR or Microwave sensor independently, an alarm will be triggered when either the red or blue LED lights up; If you choose to combine the PIR and Microwave sensor, then an alarm will only be caused when the red LED lights up. (Page 3 -> LED Indicator & Page 4 -> DIP switch -> DIP 5 -> “ON” / “Off” mode).

The motion detector will now trigger an alarm event inside of the camera as the LED goes on. The trigger event will be treated just like an internal motion detection event by the camera. So all the settings in place for an alarm event (video recording, email notification, ftp upload, etc.) can be triggered by the PIR sensor from now on.