2K+ WQHD Extended PTZ Command Set

Q: The CGI examples mentioned in the documentation under ptzmove unfortunately do not work with my IN-9420 2K+. With cmd=gotoRelPosition&pan=50&tilt=0, for example, I get response code 217. Hardware not supported.

A: The cameras of the 2K+ WQHD series have an extended CGI command set for panning, tilting, zooming and focusing compared to the previous Full HD, HD and VGA series. The commands are documented in detail here:

However, the implementations differ for indoor cameras (currently the IN-8415) and outdoor cameras (currently the IN-9420). With the latter, the status (the current position) of the Pan&Tilt cannot be read out and it is not possible to move a certain number of steps - i.e. movements must be stopped either by a subsequent stop command or by setting a time limit (otherwise the camera always moves to the hard stop!).

pan/tilt & timeout
zoom/focus & timeout
CGI Commandcmd=ptzmovecmd=ptzmovecmd=ptzmovecmd=ptzmovecmd=gotorelpositioncmd=gotorelposition
e.g. IN-8415supportednot supportedsupportednot supportedsupportednot supported
e.g. IN-9420supportedsupportedmove to hard stopsupportednot supportedsupported

Remark: The corresponding MQTT Topics are also affected: see INSTAR Forum.