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Push Notification

Q: What do I have to do, so that the camera informs me via push message?

A: What do I have to do, so that the camera informs me when registering a movement, etc. via push notifications on my smartphone (not email)? I briefly describe the procedure: Open the web interface of your camera and go to network - push service and activate it there and confirm this Make sure that you have activated the alarm zones or the alarm input if you use an external detector so that an alarm at eg a motion is triggered Now open the smartphone on the app and select the appropriate camera and open it in full view. Then click on the push icon and activate it. You will be prompted to scan the QR code from the web interface you find Network Push Service. Scan this, the command will be transmitted. The push service should be active now. As soon as the camera detects an alarm, a text message (push message) should come on the smartphone where it stands ... Alarm from camera XY ...