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No Nightvision

Q: Camera does not switch to night mode.

A: My camera does not switch between day and night mode. I suspect it's because the house has outside lighting. Although this will illuminate the immediate environment (house wall) of the camera, but not the area in question.

720p series

The IR LEDs Time Schedule switches them to "Automatic" mode only for the specified time (the camera decides, based on the brightness sensor, whether the day or night mode is selected) and sets them otherwise to "Disabled" (permanent day mode). It is therefore not possible to keep the camera on the schedule permanently in the night mode, in the time in which it is "dazzled" by the exterior lighting. At the very most you could try to turn the camera a little so that not so much light falls on the brightness sensor. In principle, you could tap the brightness sensor with a piece of tape, then it would be permanently dark for him. Since you deactivate it by timer, you still have a day picture during the day.

1080p series

With the Full HD models, the IR LEDs Time Schedule only has an influence on the IR LEDs. That even with deactivated IR LEDs, the IR cut filter of the camera still switches and the sensor switches to the night mode (black & white) as soon as it gets dark. This change was introduced to disable the camera's LEDs and still use an external IR LED spotlight - a feature that has been frequently requested, as it minimizes false alarms from insects, rain and fog at night. The above-mentioned masking of the brightness sensor would therefore lead here to a permanent black and white image. It only helps to eliminate the disturbing light source in the image of the camera.

For the 720p cameras, disabling the IR LEDs will result in permanent day mode and the IR cut filter will absorb the light from the external IR headlamp and this setup is not possible.